One King “one place for every one” one king is a market place but very different from other as it comes with a unique concept one king not only provide a platform for easy trade but also build connection between buyers and seller it give seller a strength to sell his product with good profit but without increasing price or charging high profit margin it does so by increasing volume of sale that automatically lead to high revenue for seller without increasing its price on the other hand it gives buyer a benefits of buying the products at cheapest price with good quality which give him strength in his profit margin and helps to compete in market with lowest price and best quality.


Mission of one King – our mission is to provide a just and equal platform to all the buyers and seller in the market and to support them to grow and compete with the foreign companies in Indian market and provide them with proper support and technology as the market has been changed in few years and more liberal Gov. policies and technological enhancement has created a big competition in Indian market which has given a tough time to Indian sellers our mission is not only to grow our selves  but to join hands with all the sellers in Indian market which has been left out in the race of technological development to provide them a better platform with strong support, advance technology, long term commitment , trust and much more this is not a one man show to change the word it takes an effort and restless nights of many people so we ask you to join with as not only to earn profit like other e-commerce platform but to support us so that we can bring a good change to this world.


Vision of one king – Our vision is very vast we are planning to expand this platform all over the country as well as grow internationally in our 5 year plan we are very concern about our objective as we are planning to create not only a single platform but to create multiple services such as  (one center accounts, one center logistics, one center trade)  supporting each other which will make doing business in India a very easy job our vision is to create a huge platform for trade which will be catering many countries and will also make cross border trade a pic of cake people from various counties will be able to buy/sell there product from various counties which will open new doors and create new opportunity for our country as we have also mentioned in the above mission that our vision is not only limited to one perspective but to work for the betterment and development of our country as well one center will provide a bigger market by making the process of trade easy our vision is to make India a big trading country and attract fdi’s as India is a most potential market with a current population of 135 crore approx. so a proper channelization of resources will lead to  huge profit to our county and to one center as well it will also help us to reduce unemployment, poverty, will give strong holding in international market and will help our country to compeat with the giant competitors like china